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Neil Jackson

Neil Jackson co-founded Paper Dragon Productions through a passion for storytelling. As an actor he has worked with some of the biggest names in film and television on projects including The King's Man, Quantum Of Solace, Woody Allen's You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, Alexander, the hit TV shows Stargirl, Absentia, Make It Or Break It, and the BBC's award-winning series Upstairs Downstairs.

As a writer, Neil wrote the thriller The Passage starring Stephen Dorff which PDP co-produced with Lynette Howell at Silverwood Films. The Passage premiered at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival and won the Durango Film Festival Jury Award for Best Picture. His second produced feature, Star Crossed, was shot in Portugal in 2009.

Since then, Neil has made the transition to directing with two award-winning short films, Off Ramp and Perfect Pair. Neil is currently in development to direct his first feature, Butter Side Up, from his own script.


Kevin James

Kevin James has worked in various roles on and off the stage and screen. A versatile character actor, he has performed in a diverse array of theatre productions ranging from Shakespeare to musicals to pantomime. He frequently tours, both nationally and internationally, alongside regular screen appearances, voiceovers and radio projects.

Film work includes the psychological horror short Chain for which he received the Best Actor award at TMFF and a nomination for Best Performance at the Yellow Fever Indie Film Festival, and on the small screen he featured in the documentary drama Elizabeth I's Secret Agents which was nominated for a BAFTA and won the Royal Television Society's History award.

He has worked extensively in theatre production as a stage manager, lighting designer and technician, in addition to providing marketing and administrative support for a wide variety of shows in London and beyond.

As a producer his theatre ventures in the UK have presented exciting and innovative work, often bringing new titles to British audiences as well as revisiting familiar works with fresh ideas. Kevin co-founded Paper Dragon Productions to develop projects for international markets in film and television, alongside his ongoing theatrical endeavours.



Augustus Huffanpuff, or Gus for short, has always been a symbol for the way our fears can manifest as scary monsters looming from afar, yet, as we draw closer, we realize they are rarely as scary or imposing as they may have first seemed. He is a reminder to continually face these fears and take steps towards them until what seemed ferocious from a distance was actually just a paper dragon.

Gus was overjoyed to lend his name and likeness to Paper Dragon Productions as a call to arms, emboldening us to march towards the scary and make friends with the frightening.

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