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Butter Side Up

Richard Brodie is about to die. He thought it was what he wanted when he hired the killer, but somehow in chasing death he realized that he has more to live for than he thought. The only problem now is that he's unable to call off the hit.

Writer/Director: Neil Jackson
Produced by Paper Dragon Productions, Dark Matter Entertainment and Tycor Inc.

After The Lights

Alex Williams was world champion, but when he lost his title five years ago it set him on a self-destructive spiral that upended his personal life and effectively cost him his career. Harry "Knox" Sullivan sacrificed everything in pursuit of a dream that will never come true. With his wife passed, and estranged from his daughter, Knox must now face the decision of whether to stay in the only life he has known, a life that is destroying him, or leave in the hope of finding something better.

In the vein of The Wrestler and Million Dollar Baby, this is a character study about two men and how they must face the truth that their dream of success and adulation is finally over; and the question of who are they after the fighting has stopped, after the crowds have all gone home, after the lights have gone out?

Writer/Director: Neil Jackson
Produced by Paper Dragon Productions and Russell Gray


Perfect Pair

Bluey, a charming sock puppet, searches to find his sole-mate on a dating site called Perfect Pair.

Conceived in the style of a live action Pixar film, this is a heart-warming love story for all the family.

Perfect Pair was selected to appear at the Key West Film Festival 2018 and was nominated for Best Sound/Music at the 2018 Largo Film Awards.

Starring: Neil Jackson, Emileigh Barrett
Writer/Director: Neil Jackson
Cinematography: Michael Lockridge
Editor: Scott A. Jacobs
Music: Tim Williams
Costume Design: Kimberley Rae

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Off Ramp

Isolated and angry, John, a homeless war veteran, meets Lucy, a young street girl, and offers to buy her a coffee after noticing a fresh bruise around her eye. Through their conversations we start to learn more about the circumstances that led to John being homeless in the first place. It soon becomes clear that even though John believes he is helping Lucy, the truth may actually be the other way around.

Officially selected for 15 international film festivals, Off Ramp also received two Awards Of Merit at the 2017 Southern Shorts Awards.

Starring: Gerard Boeke, Jameelah Lee
Writer/Director: Neil Jackson
Editing: Scott A. Jacobs
Cinematography: Michael Lockridge
Composer: Mathew Rees

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Wish You Here

Wish You Here tells the story of Karl, a lonely zombie, who desperately craves company in a dead and empty world.

Written by and starring Neil Jackson and shot in Sydney, Australia. A finalist at Tropfest 2016 – the world's largest short film festival – Wish You Here was nominated for best film and best screenplay, and won the awards for best cinematography and best original score. A co-production with Wendy, Honey.

Starring: Neil Jackson
Writer: Neil Jackson
Director: Benjamin O'Donnell
Cinematography: Viv Scanu
Editor: Joseph Morris
Composer: Andy Scott
Sound Design: Uncanny Valley
Production Design: Jan Edwards
Costume Design: Sue Cormack

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No Place Like Home

Notice the subtle (and not so subtle) references to The Wizard Of Oz throughout the piece as a woman makes one last stand for her relationship with her despondent partner by announcing that she is see the wizard.

Written by and starring Neil Jackson, No Place Like Home was originally conceived as a "Funny or Die" style skit, taking lyrics and re-imagining them into abstract settings. However, as Neil developed the concept with director Nelson Lee, the idea took on greater poignance and grew into this stand-alone piece.

Starring: Neil Jackson, Jennie Tkaz
Writer: Neil Jackson
Director: Nelson Lee
Cinematography: Michael Lockridge
Editor: Nelson Lee

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Star Crossed

A modern adaptation of Romeo And Juliet set in the world of Portuguese soccer.

When a young, impetuous player falls for the daughter of a rival team's owner, their union ignites the hatred between both sides. Though, as their love grows, perhaps it could prove the very catalyst needed for peace...but at what price?

Written by Neil Jackson, Star Crossed was shot in Portugal and produced by Yellow Films.

Starring: Kyle Redmond-Jones, Teresa Tavares
Writer: Neil Jackson
Director: Mark Heller
Cinematography: Yaron Orbach
Editors: Christopher Blunden, Carlos Domeque
Music: Tim Williams
Production Design: Augusto Mayer
Costume Design: Silvia Meireles, Isabel Quadros

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The Passage

The Passage follows two Westerners - American photographer Luke and his British friend Adam - travelling in North Africa. As Luke explores the streets of Marrakech, he meets Moroccan local Zahra. They begin to fall for each other, but her culture prohibits the relationship and the pair find themselves surrounded by ever-increasing hostility. Seeking refuge in the Atlas Mountains, they hope to escape the threat that lies in Marrakech.

Written by and starring Neil Jackson, alongside Stephen Dorff and Sarai Givaty, The Passage received universal critical acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2007 and won the Durango Film Festival Jury Award for Best Picture. A co-production with Silverwood Films.

Starring: Stephen Dorff, Sarai Givaty, Neil Jackson
Writer: Neil Jackson
Director: Mark Heller

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